Smash! Junior Badminton Club

How to put up a net

It is important to realise that the aim of putting a net up is to get a straight top edge. The aim is not to somehow use every bit of string there is.

Top String Taut

There are three strings on each side of a net. The one important thing is that the top-string, which is the one that goes through the tape, is as straight as possible:

  1. Make sure not to pull on the string before the other end is tied up.
  2. Check if one end happens to have a loop in it. Then it can just be slung over the cleat on the post and does not have to be tied up.
  3. Tie the string up securely and let the end hang down. (The aim is not to somehow incorporate all of the string into a massive knot.)

To tie the top-string on the cleat, go round it once, cross over twice, and loop it under itself. Here is an animation.

After one side is tied up, make sure the string is properly taut before tying the other end.

Other Strings Nowt

The other strings are not really necessary. If feeling compelled to use them, make sure they remain relatively slack. They must, in particular, not pull the net down, after we have so heroically tensioned the top string! The top string must always be level with the top of the posts.

The strings that are attached to the eye in the tape must, if anything, be tied horizontally round the post. They are there to prevent the net from sliding away from the post like a curtain.

The strings on the bottom corner are meant to tension the bottom edge, which is not usually necessary, either. They can just be slung round the cleats once, loosely.