Smash! Junior Badminton Club

How we operate

Smash! is a non-profit making club run by parents for our children on Saturday mornings.

A person with experience of badminton coaching will take the session. All session leaders and officials are DBS checked and the club has a Child Protection Officer.


Your child will play in the session appropriate to his/her age unless advised otherwise by the session organizer. There is always some degree of flexibility between the groups. If you are unsure please talk to the appropriate session organizer.

The groups are roughly age dependent:

Ability also determines which group a young person may be most comfortable in.


There is a parents’ rota and parents or carers are expected to accept a slot on it once or twice a term. This doesn’t mean that you have to play badminton, but if you want to join in, you can. The important thing is to be there.

Time and Place

Sessions take place at St Helen & St Katharine school on Saturday mornings from September until March during term time. Tournaments & AGM

At the end of the season in spring we hold the AGM, to which all parents/carers are invited. Just before the AGM we award tournament trophies for which the children have played in our internal tournament in the previous weeks.

We also hold the Chocolate Tournament before Christmas, which for some reason is even more popular.