Smash! Junior Badminton Club

Smash! Junior Badminton Club is run by volunteers and provides a structured environment for young people of all abilities to play and develop their badminton skills.

Please read How we operate or contact for more details.


Next Session 25 Mar, Medals and AGM

Parents are cordially invited to attend the AGM at 10:00. The AGM allows parents to have an eye on the committee; use the opportunity! Better still, join the committee!

If any Seniors rely on a parent to bring them, they are welcome to attend the 10:00 session.

We are also giving medals to the winners of the end of year tournament. Well done, everybody!

Five more sessions after Easter

Normally the season ends at Easter but in 2023 we are putting on more sessions! These are not formally coached, but a coach will be present to supervise. I dare say we will give you a bit of a warm-up as well.

The sessions are included in the annual membership fee. Parents are allowed to join in if space permits (we don’t really know how popular it will be).

We are hoping to see you there.

Dates Venue Session
22 Apr OLA Informal
29 Apr OLA Informal
6 May OLA Informal
13 May OLA Informal
20 May OLA Informal

Family Fun Intermediates Tournament Results

If the score board at the end of the 4 Mar session is to be believed, this is the leader board. Scores are the average lead over all games played; for example, if the score is 11:7, the winner gets 4 points and the opponent -4.

Team Average Lead
Team Nico 4.6
Team Priska 2.9
Team Nick 2.6
Team Anita 2.5
Team Elliot 1.9
Team Simone 1.1
Team Ollie 1.0
Team George -0.9
Team Delilah -1.4
Team Henry -1.8
Team Leone -2.8
Team Ollie W -5.5
Team Beth -6.2